Friday, March 28, 2008


I didn't get into Berkeley. Fuck Berkeley. Hahah, bitter much? Except Shey is so excited cos that means I'm going to UCSB and I'll be a lot closer and she can come visit. Hahahah. It's okay, Edward is making everything better. Kind of. Except for his whole nonexistance. Kinda sucks.

P.S. I am very upset that the labels rearrange themselves into alphabetical order so that Berkeley goes before Edward Cullen. That is so not the order of their importance in my life, even if I HAD gotten into Berkeley. Har, har? I think I'm kidding? I need mental help? Yes, I believe so.


shey said...

awwwh i am really sorry you didn't get in where you wanted to go.

shey said...

psssst. its your birthday now!

drew said...

fuck berkeley! you're better than them.

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