Saturday, February 19, 2011

i wrote something. it's weird.

night is a scary place to be alone with your thoughts
solace went to sleep long ago,
with your family and friends
but you,
you're awake
thinking those thoughts that dare not creep along into the sunlight
and you sit there,
with your past and your future laid out in front of you like a spread
to pick and choose
because the present fails to exist once those last rays disappear
and you sit there wondering
where it all went wrong
where it will all go wrong
but now, now is where you decide
where the gates are lifted and you allow yourself to see everything that's been hiding
the monsters come out to play
to show their faces that cannot stand the way your heart beats during the day
cannot stand your frequent smiles
cannot stand your laugh that resonates throughout the world
but at night they have you
wrapped around their finger
dragging you into their world
you let them.
you don't protest because even if they loosen their grip
where will you go at this time of night?
logic is deep in slumber
confidence is fast asleep
reason is snoring.
so you lie awake
and allow the monsters to consume you
wishing for the light to stream through the window
praying for everything to wake up
you fight your way through the night and when the sun breaks,
oh god does it break,
the monsters retreat into the closet,
hide under the bed,
slide behind the bookcase,
each with a last courtesy nod thrown your way
because they know what they must do now
and they know where to find you again tonight
you continue to exist side by side,
but at night,
at night you dance.
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