Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dear God.

How funny would it be if God had a facebook? I'm serious, I think I would die of laughter if God had a facebook, just think of the status updates!

God is all-knowing and all-powerful, and you're not.
God is watching you.
God knows what you did last summer, maybe even better than you do.
God can kill you so you better stop sending him so many damn application requests.

And then you can play Scrabulous with God! You can brag to your friends, "Dude, I totally beat God at Scrabble, I totally laid down my bingo and he was DONE."

God could have the compare people application and he could be like #4 best dancer or #7 best father potential or #8 most famous! Seriously, this could be hilarious!

The biggest question obviously is what flair would Jesus choose? I totally hope I make his Top Friends.

I find this idea far too entertaining. I wonder if I could get God to subscribe to my blog. God probably facebooks, youtubes, and blogs more than anything. Blogging is the new praying, it just shows up in his RSS!


Huggs said...

God would probably smite you if he lost....

Didn't think of the consequence of twister with your heart and mind, unless you want an emo lad boyfriend. Just go with the cofee then :(

drew said...

Man, you kids. I guess you weren't around for when big-name dead celebrities had their own Facebook accounts? Like Edgar Allen Poe, he had his own. He was cool, we were friends. I'm pretty sure Mark Twain had one as well, and I'd be willing to bet God was out there too.

Long story short, I think they cracked down on big-name dead celebrities holding Facebook accounts instead of being big-name dead celebrities.

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