Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So you better move fast.

Today I went to the gas station/Subway by my school to get some sustenance and they were playing Rilo Kiley's "Dreamworld". I kinda did a double-take, although there was nothing to see because you can't see music. I was surprised they weren't playing the latest hip-hop song about some girl's fine ass. I only hear Rilo Kiley at clothing stores trying to earn cool indie cred (although I don't think Rilo earns that anymore from the elitists), let alone Dreamworld. I was just kind of baffled that they were playing Dreamworld of all songs. Their most mainstream song is probably Portions for Foxes, and I could fathom that being played, but not really Dreamworld.

In other news, I graduate 5 weeks from today. YAY.


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