Monday, June 30, 2008

Screw you Needles!

Needles tired of being stuck to California

By David Kelly

Los Angeles Times

NEEDLES, Calif. — People in Needles, a parched railroad town clinging to the eastern edge of California, call it the poor stepchild, the redheaded stepchild, the ugly stepchild of San Bernardino County.

They grouse about not getting roads paved, about being 220 miles from the county seat, about being a dumping ground for parolees and sex offenders, all while gazing enviously across the Colorado River at boomtowns in Arizona and Nevada.

"The building codes are stricter here, the taxes are higher," said Patricia Scott, a nurse. "I cross into Arizona, and it's growing by leaps and bounds. We are the only community in the tri-state area that hasn't grown, and it's probably because we are in California."


No one leaves California! I'm sure we'll have people going down there threatening them if they leave. "Do you know how many people would DIE to live in California? And you're just gonna throw it all away?! Don't make me get the mafia on your ass." God, Californians are crazy. =)


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