Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I hate sting rays.

Because I promised a sting ray story and someone insisted on reminding me *cough*Hugh*cough*, I'm just copy pasting what I sent to everyone:

"i got stung in the water and i thought it was for a cut for a half hour. i was just like suck it up! but after a half hour i was like, umm i feel it spreading in my foot. i went to one lifeguard and he was like okay a truck's gonna come pick you up and take you down the street to another place where they can take care of it. well they took me to another place that had even more lifeguards. it was like a shack, and the only thing i had to do was put my foot in a bucket with scalding water. whenever it would get too comfortable i would have to turn on the hose and put in more extremely hot water. i was there for over an hour and just talked to the lifeguards and stuff. it was fun after a while, but at first it was just paaaaaaaainful."

P.S. I got new glasses this weekend and I loooooove them.


Huggs said...

And all was ok with the world.

except you gut stung by a stingray. haha

shesarejector said...

Oh yes, we'll just overlook that little detail.

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