Monday, May 4, 2009

I feel summer creeping up on me.

You know how I know?

I've been playing my Wii far too much for the past two days.
Oh Animal Crossing and Super Mario 64, you will kill me this quarter.


Jake said...

Do you have City Folk? And how many stars do you have on Mario? I adore that game, but it's so freaking hard. I can't beat it. I'm at, like, 102 or something.

Jake said...

I was so excited about City Folk when I first heard about it, but it ended up looking like it was so similar to the GameCube game, which I already have, that I didn't get it. It also seems identical to the DS game, which I also didn't get. I don't like buying the same game multiple times, which is why I haven't gotten in a new Pokemon game in ages even though I love those, too. Though series need a change.

And Mario 64... I have been obsessed with that game for the last thirteen years. When that game came out, it was my whole life, but I didn't own a Nintendo 64 until just a few years ago, and even then I didn't have a copy of Mario 64. I only ever played it at friends houses, and once they'd all beaten it, most of them didn't want to play through it again just so I could see the rest. I didn't get the game for myself until it came out on Wii., and even now, two or three years after I bought it, I still have a decent number of star left. I don't know why I'm still writing this comment. I should go play.

Argh. You can't start talking video games with me without getting a long comment in return.

Anyway, my Wii Number is 5449 1086 7325 2903. You should add me to your address book so that we can... I dunno, exchange really delayed e-mail. I guess we could trade Miis if I hadn't already reached full Mii capacity. Wait, no - it is useful to add people to your address book because then you'd be able to send me presents. That's fun. You should definitely buy some games for me. Great.

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