Monday, April 19, 2010


i'm in a weird place. my head feels weird. i want to clean my apartment ALL THE TIME. but i don't like cleaning when there are people around. i want to do it all the time. so much it starts to hurt. i think i'll do it tomorrow. it's even worse when you have a roommate you aren't on great terms with, so you feel like they might think it's invasive. i also hate how nobody else cleans on a constant basis but it's not their fault. they are cleaning well enough, i just can't push my crazy on them.

also, i'm only taking 12 units this quarter because it's all i could scrap together (i hate budget cuts), so i really REALLY need a job and feel like i'm wasting my time without one. i have so much free time. and YET, with all my free time i still don't read properly and study enough. i'm just hating myself right now. i need to get my life in order and i don't know where to start.


Meghan Riddlespurger said...

Make a list of your priorities, in order of importance. Don't let yourself place number four above number two, and so on.

When my life totally fell apart last year and I thought I was going crazy, that's one of the first things I did (that my parents made me do) to get things back in order, and it really did help more than I thought.

The most important thing is to take a big deep breath and meditate on the good things in life. Relax, don't stress. (:

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