Wednesday, September 19, 2007

May I just say...

I hate pretentious little bitches who think they're so high and mighty, that their grammar is so much better, yet cannot form a complete, coherent sentence. I hate kids who think using semi-colons instead of commas makes them look cooler (and I don't mean rewording the work so a semi-colon works, I mean a "search and replace" of commas), like they have an amazing grasp on the written word and use 10 dollar words which are interjected like it was translated from No, you look like a JACKASS. A grade-A, all American, just got into the "scene" jackass. So do everyone a favour and shut the fuck up until you can pull something out of your ass that isn't completely useless. (And yes, I realize I called someone else pretentious.)


shey said...

wow; i didn't know you hated me so much; i mean; wow; this is really painful.

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