Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh well.

I realize how dangerous this blog could be if it fell into the wrong hands. People can trace me to here, people I've just met. The thing is, I don't want to make a blog private for just a few people, I feel like what I want to say I should be able to say it to anybody. But then there are dangerous or embarrassing repercussions afterwards. By the way, how can people not think Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man is fucking hot?

Also, I've realized I scare away good smelling boys because I'm blunt and talk about everything, including sexual things. Why is that intimidating?!


Michael said...

I'm sure you know this but don't be embarrassed, anyone who takes exception isn't worth the bother. Is there a link between good smelling boys being afraid of forward women? maybe the smell of fear isn't that attractive. :shrugs:

ps i hadn't read you in ages but i'm caught up now, i missed you.

Jenni said...

yo grl. i get paranoid about this stuff too. which is why i don't get too personal in a blog. but i'll get personal with you ;) and that's that i love you and i want to be your love slave<3

Hughbert The Rather Excitable Panda said...

and then comes the secret, hidden second blog full of pretentious poetry and those really really stupid secrets that you are convinced everyone cares about. we all have one. i recommend you should too.

shey said...

robert downey jr is just hot, period.

but yes, in iron man he was exceptionally hot.

fairyelephant said...

ha, i made my blog private so no weirdos know things about me that i don't want spread about.

i feel like i have a secret little bestie club and you guys are it. sort of like a book club but better cos it's not something that starts out as a book club and turns into idle gossip. i mean, come on, we know it's all about idle gossip from the get go and that makes it far more exciting.

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