Friday, December 5, 2008


I feel sorry for my twitter followers. I don't think they expected my twitters to be about my raging hormones. That's what this blog is for. I should really stop being so blunt about things because I don't know who reads this besides Shey and Erin. I'm sure SOMEONE out there stalks me and everything I do. If you do, could you let me know? I might become your best friend.

But seriously guy, just cos you're creepy and kinda cute and I danced with you does NOT mean I wanna fuck later. Well, maybe I do. But not with you. Okay, I don't cos I'm a virgin and all that good shit but hormones are in a frenzy lately. I hate boys who smell good. IT FUCKS EVERYTHING UP. I feel like fucking Edward Cullen sometimes. I don't plan on giving it up anytime soon, BUT GODDAMN YOU SMELL DELICIOUS TO ME.


Jake said...

Hey - remember that time when you were in the "Everyone gets a Hamburger at the End" Blog Challenge? Want to relive your glory days? You're in luck! The unofficial sequel to the Hamburger contest will be here in just over a month!

Applications now being accepted:

Jenni said...

What the fuck is this hamburger blog bullshit?

Girl, power to you. Sex is not taboo at all anymore these days, but there should still be some sanctity to it. Guys were made for our minds to go crazy, but we've still got eachother to keep sane.
Not sure of the situation at all, but I still read your blog and hide in your bushes <3

Jake said...

Only THE bloggiest blog challenge ever blogged. In fact, it's pretty gutsy of you to admit that you don't know about it. I don't want to be rude, but you look a little ignorant.

Or are you feigning anger because you're upset that you weren't asked to join? There's plenty of room in this year's blogtastic challenge.

fairyelephant said...

bless you.

delicious smelling boys make the world go round.

so does a couple of vodka tonics. combined? captain planet had better watch the fuck out.

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