Sunday, March 1, 2009

Too overwhelming.

I just wanna curl up and cry and be dramatic and read Harry Potter who will never leave me and always love me. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to drink, then I wouldn't have overreacted so much. I've seen this coming forever. Why am I such an emotional mess? I hate boys, I hate this whole business. This is why I avoided it for 18 years cos they flirt with you and then cuddle your friend when they're sitting right next to you.


Jake said...

What's with your Twitter thing that asks me for a password every time I open your site?

shelana said...

boys are stupid.

Micky Blue said...

we certainly are!

it's a horrible feeling. :(

fairyelephant said...

its not all boys; its boys that age... and most of them continue pulling that shit til they're through their twenties. you've only got like... eleven more years, love!!

i say date older. that's my final answer. i never want to go back to that highschool drama shit ever again.

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