Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There is an infectious enthusiasm on campus today and I love it. I think it has to do with the shift into a HEAT WAVE. Everyone's out and about, socializing and showing off their skinny ass legs in short shorts or bathing suits. People are going to the beach in droves and just generally having fun outside. On-campus elections are also underway as well as the announcement of who's playing Extravaganza. It's Ludacris, Rebolution, Girl Talk, Cold War Kids, and some DJ. I don't care about the first two but when I head Girl Talk and Cold War Kids I nearly pissed my pants and yelped out loud. (I was in class so this would have been a bad idea.) I'm so upbeat that the prospect of midterms and papers looming near seems almost manageable.


fairyelephant said...

don't you love that??!?! that was my favourite part about school.. the music and the chill.

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