Saturday, April 18, 2009

New people.

I met Jenny Owen Youngs about two nights ago and can I just say that she's destined to be my best friend?
She's incredibly sarcastic and witty and we pretty much got along great.
I also met Dhani Harrison extremely briefly but you know, I think we're married now.

Oh and if you don't know who Jenny Owen Youngs is, you should:

She's deliciously witty:


Jake said...

I like! But this isn't even fair. Your song selection was stacked against me. First of all, cellos? I am such a sucker for cellos. There was no way I couldn't have liked that song, and "sensitive acoustic covers of non-sensitive, non-acoustic things" are another weakness of mine, particularly while played over scenes of dancing bear-costumes and games of Don't Break the Ice set in igloos. I never stood a chance.

Jake said...

Forty seconds into that video and I already hate you. I cannot resist this!

Jake said...

And of course, as soon as I left the above comments, she gets to a Pocahontas song, and before I can start writing this comment, she blends it into "Work It?" Is this woman spying on my subconscious desires?

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