Monday, November 16, 2009

looking for john, omegle edition.

You: john green?!
Stranger: imagine
You: okay i will
Stranger: okay, cool.
You: sup, john?
Stranger: oh nothing much. you?!
You: nothing much either, just looking for you, but i found you. yay!
Stranger: yyayyaya.
Stranger: just kidding. im not john green.
Stranger: im miley cyrus.
Stranger: so yeah. im too cool for you, bye!
You: oh, miley.

You: john green?!
Stranger: r u a hot guy?
You: all the time
You have disconnected.

Stranger: hey!
You: john green?!
Stranger: yes!
You: well how do i know this is actually john?
You: and not my cat?
Stranger: only john green would know that you have cat.
You: yes, because john green is omnipresent.
Stranger: you know it
Stranger: im not gunna lie. i have no idea what the fuck that means.
You: hahaha it means he's everywhere
You: and knows everything
Stranger: ohh. right....
Stranger: then yes. that is true

You: john green?!
Stranger: nope
Stranger: BATMAN
Stranger: sorry
You: darn
You: latez, batey

You: john green?!
Stranger: hi wanna have a gay orgy?
You have disconnected.

Stranger: hey
You: john green?!
Stranger: YES!
You: I WISH!

You: john green?!
Stranger: Ryan Blue!?
You: touche.
Stranger: Indeed.

You: john green?!
Stranger: Terry Boot?
You: nope, sorry
Stranger: an abundance of katherines is a good book
You: i'm a hufflepuff
You: it really is
Stranger: holy shit!
Stranger: you got the reference
You: hpnerd4lyfe
Stranger: my life is now complete
You: hahah
Stranger: you, my friend, have just made my night :)
You: glad to be of service!

You: john green?!
Stranger: hi
Stranger: what's that mean??
Stranger: im korean
Stranger: haha
You have disconnected.

You: john green?!
Stranger: no?!
You: okay?!
You have disconnected.

You: john green?!
Stranger: Dear Stranger, Your a wonderufl person on the inside and out and God loves you dearly. I hope you had a wonderful day and continue to have a wonderful week :)
You: why thank you.

You: john green?!
Stranger: No, this is Jon Greene
You: so close
Stranger: Yet so far
Stranger: Good luck
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You: john green?!
Stranger: YES
Stranger: ADAM?!
You: NO?!
Stranger: WOW
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You: john green?!
Stranger: yes
You: cool.
Stranger: :D
You: :)
Stranger: :(
You: :/
Stranger: _|_
You: i don't know what that is, john.
Stranger: it's a penis _|_
You: oh, fun.
You have disconnected.


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