Thursday, February 25, 2010


all my comments are spam. honestly, i got 5 of them in the last week. C'MON PEOPLE. just, you know, say hi or something.

i was just thinking about how my 21st birthday is in like a year or something. holy shit. remember when we would count this down, shey? going on 6 years?! ridic. i'm gonna do vegas, cos it's cliche except i like, live in vegas so it's not so cliche but more like something i would do on any birthday. then i realized i'm pretty early in my group of friends to turn 21. so i would be going with my family, whom i love, but i want friends. i'm looking at you, shey and erin, aka the only people who read this besides spammers. well, maybe only spammers do now. i've lost my appeal. my two best friends who turn before me wouldn't be able to either probably. one is on her way to med school (overachiever) and the other lives in new york. fun times. this is a ramble. forgive me.


shelana said...


i can't believe its only a year away.

i wish it was this year though. i could use a good excuse to get drunk with friends.

Jake said...

Why are you wearing Colin's pants?

nicole. said...

i honestly have no idea what you're talking about and i wish i did.

actually the first thing i thought of when you said colin was this:

Jake said...

1. Do you want me to explain it?

2. It's completely obscure and unfair. Like, however obscure and unfair you think it might be, it's more obscure and less fair than that.

3. If anyone would get it, it would be you.

4. I love Colin's Bear, but I had forgotten what it was called and I couldn't find the video, so thanks for the link.

5. I have a rather big update on my post-blog situation which I'll be able to share with you oh so soon - hopefully this week.

6. This list got much longer than planned.

7. I'm stretching it out to be a ten-item list because it would be weird to have a list that goes to eight or something.

8. I will have a killer mixtape for you sometime next week. Finally.

9. I think I already told you that.

10. This is number ten.

nicole. said...

1. i love completely unfair and obscure references, so...

2...i want you to explain.

3. i am excited for this update on your post-blog situation.

4. five.


nicole. said...

p.s. i didn't make a mix for two months so i think i'm out of the group. maybe i can just make you mixes instead. except i haven't even made you the december one yet, haha.

Jake said...


2. I felt obligated to comment, but I didn't have anything to say, so I went with a nonsense phrase.

3. Parrots are zygodactyl.

4. I just spent I-don't-know-how-many hours at school working on 3D animation, and the whole time, all I could think about was that bear, which actually looks better than what I just turned in.

5. I'm in the same boat mix-wise, except that I just quit the group. My good friend Vera, a former Shiny Buttoneer herself, quit the group just days after me, which leaves you as my last link to the Mixtapers, and now you're telling me this. Personally, I lost my remaining interest when they decided to lose the partner system.

nicole. said...

1. HAHAHAHAAH OMG. i did watch the last very fresh but i didn't see the comments.

2. i don't think anyone could ever top colin's bear. i laugh every time and i don't know why.

3. i completely lost interest when they got rid of partners too. i don't want to download everyone in the group's mixtapes. and i don't feel held accountable.

4. also, if your announcement isn't that you're getting back into blogging, i think you would do well on tumblr. it's sort of like blogging, but really you just steal people's ideas and point at it like "isn't this awesome?!"

5. if i had known the reference when you first posted it i probably would have died of laughter. so it's a good thing i didn't know because i would rather live with laughter than die of it.

Taylor H. said...

Hey, it's good to hear from you. How are things? I have been on your blog a few times since spring last year just so you know.

And no I'm still in high school, but I'll be in college by fall. Don't know where yet, hopefully Virginia Tech but I'm waiting on an acceptance letter.

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