Thursday, February 4, 2010

neil gaiman.

i went to see neil gaiman talk last night.
it was lovely.
he is an amazing story teller, not only with words but with reading aloud. i wish he would read everything to me, including instruction manuals.
i went with my nerdfighting friend elise, who is an above and beyond neil gaiman fangirl.
there was a line to get books signed (because we were the lucky school that got a book signing, suck it UCLA), and i had a strategy. due to my extensive meeting of people (?), i knew that if we went to the back of the line, we would get a tad more time to talk to him, and get a more uncensored, REAL, meeting. there were a few others who thought along the same lines and they were fun people.
i'd met him before, but it was much more informal, at an amanda palmer show. i hardly talked to him, or amanda for that matter, but mostly to beth, amanda's assistant. this was the first time really talking to him.
so i brought fragile things cos it was the only gaiman book i had with me up here in sb, then i realized i also had jd salinger's franny and zooey with me cos i just carry it everywhere to read it. so we waited 3 hours and got to meet him at 1 in the morning, while he made cute little british yawns and still cracked jokes.
when he saw franny and zooey he said "well, he won't be signing these anytime soon...and now i will be struck by lightning". i couldn't stop laughing then i said "NO!! not before i get my book signed!!". it was incredibly lovely meeting him, and gave me hugs. he is such a huggable person. also we shared our love of amanda's greatest song "the bed song". sigh.

sometimes i wish i was an author.

p.s. when i got back to my apartment, i realized i had my little sister's copy of the graveyard book in my bookcase. i felt horrible that i didn't get it signed for her. but c'est la vie.

"For Nicole-
Signed in absentia-
Neil Gaiman"


he is busy signing my book, which is perfectly fine. i look good though, according to elise.

p.p.s. THE HAIR. it's even better in person.


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