Monday, May 24, 2010

oh, lost

warning: this is incoherent and ridiculous

i loved the lost series finale.
i know it's so cliche or cheesy to wrap up the series as a complete nod to religion or spirituality. i am so enamoured with religion, even though i don't agree with the organized religion. i am so fascinated with death, not so much as to what comes after it, but everything that goes along with it. i love things that deal with death and spirituality. so many people try to avoid it, but it's inevitable. i love when characters i love face it head on. harry potter. jack shepard. to come to terms with death is to accept something that could keep you in constant fear, to keep you from living. there is so much i love about this that i can't even put into words properly. it's like harry potter all over again, but not as intense because i haven't put as much love and time into it. harry potter was nine years, this was mere months. but i remember the feeling, lost brought it back. i love putting all my love and time into something, because it's given me so much back that i could never express my gratitude. i've used the word love so much in this post but i can't help it, it's all i have to give, when lost has given me so much.


Jake said...

Where were you when I was trying to pick religious fights?

nicole. said...

i think i took the day off that day. do you wanna start now?

Jake said...

Oh no you didn't... I KNOW you didn't.

Agnosticism is the only way.

nicole. said...

i am actually, my own version of agnostic.
but for the sake of the argument

Jake said...

Pfft. I'm even more my own version of agnosticism than you are, stupid. I'm gonna have a war with you and teach my children to say nasty things about you.

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