Sunday, January 27, 2008

Looking for Alaska in a puddle outside my house.

I spent a considerable amount of today reading Looking for Alaska, or rather, catching up on Brotherhood 2.0 videos while intermittently reading while the video loaded. I think it rained a grand total of 20 Noah's Ark floods today. It was kind of ridiculous, but the best kind of reading weather. I'm hoping to go to Disneyland tomorrow, but my mother, or the killer of dreams as she is more affectionately known, keeps reminding me of the rain coming that is going to indeed "rain on my parade". Also, my little sister still has to go to school or something which is a total buzz kill for me. So now I'm going to return to Looking for Alaska, hoping it gets better than the first impression 50 pages has left in my mouth.


C. Semp said...

Hey, so I'm potentially going to shorten the length of the challenge, since it sounds like some folks are getting super busy once Summer hits, and things would just fall apart, however, I'm going around to see what folks think of this idea.

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