Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bloody hell!

Last night I watched Running with Scissors as my movie substitution for homework. It wasn't that great. Tonight I have a project to do for physiology that's due tomorrow. Also, tomorrow about 6 of us are planning to talk in a British accent all day. That should be lots of fun.

Do you guys ever read stuff you used to blog or post or write and think "God, I used to be soo funny?" I always do that, at some point does the funny just run out?


shey said...

you know why i think i didnt like that movie so much? evan rachel wood annoys me. maybe its because she slept with marilyn manson. i dont know.

and gweynth paltrow was probably the most miscast person ever. she looked 40 in that movie...although i think she is pretty close to 40 now, and i just realized that i am fucking old.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, all the time do I read old entries and think I was so much smarter in the past. Like whoa.

P.S. Like the new layout!

shesarejector said...

i know, i'm afraid one day i just won't be funny anymore cause i used it all up in my younger years, what a a total waste.

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