Saturday, February 16, 2008

Countdown, countdown, countdown...

We ordered my maid of honour dress today. It's really pretty and I can't wait to get it next week, it's so nice. I'll have pictures next week. In other news, I got married on Valetine's six people. One boy and six girls. We're mormon. Some pictures:

Guz bought us a cake, aww!
(It's a long inside joke of a story.)

Miranda and I make attractive faces to pick up boys.

At the altar, I'm somewhere back there.

Miranda and I at breakfast.

I wear my sunglasses early in the morning to breakfast when it's raininggggg.

My favourite wife, we're happily married. <3Clara.

We look SO happy to be marrying each other!


drew said...

And I don't even get an invitation!?!? I'm appalled! See if I send you any anniversary gifts.

shey said...


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