Monday, October 27, 2008

Divine Inspiration.

How I Look to You

When I sit like this
Do you see me brave

Do I make a mystery for you
When I put on a gaze

When I stretch my arms like this
Do you see me sensual

When I look relaxed
Do you believe me

When I'm acting interested in your words
Do you believe I'm completely interested

Which presentation of myself
Would make you want to touch
What would make you cross the border

-Sam Shepard

The Hunt
I've lost 15 pounds for you
I've dyed my hair brown for you
I've designed a special smile for you
But I haven't met you yet

I've bought a flashy shirt for you
I've plucked my eyebrows out for you
I've covered myself in Musk Oil for you
I'm still hunting around for you

I've changed my walk for you
I've even changed my talk for you
I've changed my entire point of view for you
I hope we'll find each other soon

-Sam Shepard
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