Friday, October 31, 2008

Things are shaping up to be pretty odd.

Today's been a...crazy, yet mundane day.

I slept in and skipped Chicano Studies. I went to Psych class and I'm pretty sure I bombed my midterm. Oh well. And from there I indulged in my depression and just moped. I don't think you understand how upset and sad I've been that I couldn't go to see John Green. Sigh. Oh well. I went downtown and opened up a new bank account, then we took Gus to get a haircut. We went into Borders and Aline called me from the Nerdfighter event. I got to talk to John Green, or more like, John Green got to talk at me. Which is really nice because I tend to lose all verbal skills when I talk to him (this being the third time). Aline also bought me a new Alaska (I still love my original, with the candle burning, and the pages falling apart.) and got John to sign it. I swear, I love that girl so much. We haven't been together for 10 years for no reason.

We went to the bus stop and a guy gave me a popsicle. He had a box of popsicles he was trying to give away. It wasn't even laced with drugs or anything! I don't know why that made my day, but it did.

I love the energy around the dorms right now with Halloween. There's lots of fun going on that is skank-free and doesn't need alcohol and drugs to be awesome. Trick or treating and shit. Now we've been watching The L Word for hours and it just makes me happy.


fairyelephant said...

thats UCSB for you. gotta love those failed midterms. i used to get upset about it, but ive since learned that people come out alright even with them.

a popsicle sounds delicious right now. i have a vodka/wine headache...

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