Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i hung out with amanda palmer today.

a few days ago amanda announced on her twitter that she would be having a ninja party on the beach today. i, of course, leaped at the chance and found out my friend was planning to go too. her mom wanted to drive us though, but it was cool because her mom is, um, AMAZING.

so the plan for the beach party was to hang, some uke music, and a photo shoot. we were asked to come dressed in black and bring bright flowers. unfortunately my friend and i couldn't get there till 6 when it started at 4, but we got there just in time for the hour long photo shoot. i played dead and god, i hurt the crap out of my knee in my awkward position. little did i know amanda would end up lying next to me, and you know, end up naked for part of the shoot.

she's as amazing as you would think she would be. she radiates love, empowerment, and so many other things that just combine to make a lovely person.

so we did a photo shoot for an hour, while my friend's mom blew bubbles all over our dead bodies and naked amanda for the photos. then she signed things, hugged people, got kisses, and loved everyone. hopefully i'll post the pictures when they're released. also, if things work out right i will be blogging soon about how fucking awesome beth, her assistant, is.


Jake said...

Amanda Palmer is a Dresden Doll! I've heard you talk about her before, but I never made the connection between the individual's name and the band. Now I'm jealous, but also glad, because it means there's probably a bunch of Dresden Dolls-like music that I've never heard just waiting for me to find it.

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